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What are your rates?

Fees for tutoring are charged at the rate of 200 dollars per hour for Rob Margolis and 175 dollars per hour for our other tutors. Payment is due at time of session. We accept credit cards and will keep your number on file. We also accept payment by check or cash. Please make checks payable to Stumptown Test Prep, LLC.

Do you offer classes?

We do not offer classes. Instead, we focus our work on providing high-quality, specialized one-on-one test preparation. In our many years of experience with test preparation, we have noted that each student has very particular needs in order to maximize his/her opportunities for success on a standardized test. These needs may be gaps in knowledge, issues with motivation, coping with test anxiety, or a combination of all of the above. Our philosophy is based on providing expert guidance that is specifically tailored, so that each student can realize his/her full potential.

When do you meet?

We offer sessions 7 days a week. On weekdays, sessions typically occur in the afternoon and evening. Exact times and dates depend on student and tutor availability.

How frequently do you meet with students?

Most students meet their tutor once a week for one hour. In certain circumstances, students may choose to meet with their tutor more frequently.

How many sessions?

Due to the nature of customized test preparation, it is difficult to predict a fixed number of sessions for a given student and his/her particular needs. Generally, most of our students require at least 10-12 sessions of tutoring.

Where do you meet?

Our sessions are conducted in our offices in Johns Landing, conveniently located just south of downtown Portland. For more information, please see the Find Us page. In exceptional circumstances, we can meet with students off-site.

When should we start?

The sooner the better. Students typically start the process the summer before Junior Year to prepare for the PSAT or four months in advance of the their first SAT or ACT.

Contact us if you would like to set-up your first session and meet for a free consultation.

Despite our name, we have no affiliation with the local coffee roaster. "Stumptown" is actually one of Portland's oldest nicknames, referring to either Portland's logging industry or rapid residential growth which left many tree stumps in its wake. Students, however, are more than welcome to bring coffee to their sessions.