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Our Philosophy

Our approach to preparation for exams such as the SAT is unique. We focus our work on providing high-quality, specialized one-on-one test preparation. In our many years of experience with test preparation, we have noted that each student has very particular needs in order to maximize his or her opportunities for success on a standardized test.

These needs may be gaps in knowledge, issues with motivation, coping with test anxiety, or a combination of the all of the above. Our philosophy is based on providing expert guidance that is specifically tailored, so that each student can realize his or her full potential.

Why Stumptown Test Prep?

At Stumptown Test Prep, we believe that testing success occurs when three essential areas of learning emerge:

Students who routinely perform well in school and then "bomb" a test may possess skills in one or two of these areas, but may lack skills elsewhere that undermine performance.

Three essential areas of learning

We believe that students have the greatest opportunity for sucess when they become aware of their strengths and deficiencies in each of these areas.

Our tutors are specifically trained to guide students to gain confidence and skill in all of these areas.