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At Stumptown Test Prep, we take a pragmatic approach to learning vocabulary: we encourage whichever method works best for you. As such, we have provided multiple means by which you can get your daily dose of vocabulary.

Flash Cards

The old fashioned technique: making flash cards by hand. Even though this is the least technologically advanced method, don't discount the power of inscription. The simple act of writing out a vocabulary word and its definition on a flash card can help commit that word to your long term memory. We have 25 weeks worth of material for you to work through:

Week 1-5 / Week 6-10 / Week 11-15 / Week 16-20 / Week 21-25

For those of you who have an aversion to manual labor or prefer the look of a crisp serif font on your flash cards, you can simply visit our account at Quizlet. Once you click on one of the Vocaulary sets, you will see an option to "Print" in the right-hand corner under "Tools". Load up your printer paper and fire away.

Print Card

Online Quizes

After you have spent a few days/weeks/months/years committing those flash cards to memory, try your hand at some interactive online quizzes. Visit our account at Quizlet and once you click on one of the Vocabulary sets, you will see the option to either quiz yourself with a straightforward test or play one of Quizlet's vocabulary games.

Although it does not specifically use SAT words, Free Rice is a popular online vocabulary quiz. Not only will it help build your vocabulary, but it will also donate 10 grains of rice for each right answer. The perfect synthesis of altruism and self-interest! Just a word of warning: the vocabulary can become quite difficult. Don't get discouraged.

iPod Touch/iPhone apps

Heading off to stay with your relatives for Summer Vacation and don't want to lug your huge stack of flash cards half way across the country? If you have an iPod Touch, an iPhone, or an iPad, there are multiple apps that will allow you to download all of our Quizlet word lists straight to your Apple device.

Practice with Friends

Are your friends flabbergasted by your voluminous vocabulary? Send them a link to this page and encourage them study with you. Incorporating these words into your daily conversations is a surefire way to commit them to your long term memory. Plus you will need somebody to have your back when your veracity is being impugned.